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1 октября 2009
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Open Cup of Belarusian National Technical University - 2009
Final of Belarus Orienteering Federation Sprint Cup



Belarus Orienteering Federation, Physical Training and Sport Department of the Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU), "BNTU" Sports Club, EU "Technopark at BNTU "Metolit".

Date and venue

16-18 of October, 2009 г., Minsk and Minsk region.

Event center

EU "Technopark at BNTU "Metolit", 67, Nezavisimost ave., apartment 121 ("Akadzemia Navuk" subway station area).

Event program:

October 15, 2009 - Thursday

Arrival and accommodation of the participants.

17.00-20.00 Registration of the participants at the Event Center (EU "Technopark at BNTU "Metolit", 67, Nezavisimost ave., apartment 121).

October 16, 2009 - Friday. Sprint competition

from 12.00 Registration of the participants at the 1st-day start place.

14.00 Opening ceremony.

14.30 1st day start (sprint), 9th stage of Belarus Orienteering Federation Sprint Cup.

October 17, 2009 - Saturday. Sprint competition

12.00 Start of the Final of Belarus Orienteering Federation Sprint Cup.

14.30-15.00 Prize giving ceremony.

October 18, 2009 - Sunday. One-Men-Relay

11.00 Mass-start of One-Men-Relay of the Open Cup of the BNTU (long distance).

13.30-14.00 Prize giving ceremony and closing ceremony.

Maps and terrain

"Holy Spring"

Map is prepared in the scale of 1:5000 and 2 m contour interval for all classes, dated from 2007-2009, drawn according to ISSOM2007, the International Sprint Map Standards.

Terrain: parkland in the area of football arena and ski-roller track in Vesnyanka district. Mostly open space with an excellent passability. Hard ground. The road network is well developed, significant quantity of tracks with hard surface. Vertical drop is about 15 meters. There are many artificial fences prohibited to overcome in the area of competition. Open body cover can be used.


Map is prepared in the scale of 1:5000 and 2 m contour interval for all classes, dated from 2009, drawn according to ISSOM2007, the International Sprint Map Standards.

Terrain: urban development and border forest area near Borovlyany gymnasium. Vertical drop is about 20 meters. Forest is mostly from fir species with highly developed understorey with good and medium passability. Well developed road network. Full body cover is recommended.


Map is prepared in the scale of 1:10000 and 2.5 m contour interval for all classes, dated from 2009, drawn according to ISOM2000 mapping standards.

Terrain: fir species forest with highly developed understorey, varied passability. The road network is moderately developed. Vertical drop is about 25 meters. Full body cover is recommended.

Competition classes

The 1st and 2nd competition days:

The 3rd competition day (One-Men-Relay long distance):


The organizers can render assistance in hotel booking.


Preliminary applications are accepted until 10th of October, 2009 (Saturday). After the deadline applications are accepted on the personal decision of the Event Secretary.

General information About Belarus

The Republic of Belarus (Belarus) is located in the Eastern part of Europe. The population of Belarus is more than 10 million among which mainly are the Belarusians and also the Russians, the Polish, the Ukrainians, the Jews, representatives of other nationalities. Belarus occupies the territory of 207 600 square kilometers and borders on Russia in the north and in the east, on Ukraine - in the south, on Poland - in the west, on Lithuania and Latvia - in the north-west.

The climate of Belarus is moderately continental with mild and humid winter, warm summer and rainy autumn. The average temperature in January is from - 4°C to - 8°C, in July it is from + 17°C to + 19°C.

The terrain of Belarus is predominantly low hilly flat land. The average height above the sea level is 160 meters. Agricultural lands occupy 45% of the territory, forests account for 36% of the territory. There are more than 20 thousand rivers and creeks and about 11 thousand lakes in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus as an independent sovereign state appeared on the geographical map not long ago - in 1991 and that is why for many people Belarus is still in some way "terra incognita", though it is situated in the centre of the European continent.

Many realias of Belarusian culture have become the symbols of national originality. Slutsk belts, multicolored "tile" and fretwork, the cross of Efrosinya Polotskaya, Mark Shagal's painting and Belarusian ballet are well-known masterpieces of Belarusian culture which are known all over the world.

Tourists who visited Belarus have unforgettable impressions about Lake Naroch and Byelovezhskaya Pushcha, beauty of Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk, about medieval Mir castle and about many other monuments of history and culture. Nature endowed Belarus with enigmatic views: golden pine forests, leafy groves, birch-woods, dark fir-woods and depths of the virgin forests, flowering meadows and pastures, "blue eyes" of lakes, rivers and streams, mysterious swamps, hills and plains, boulders…

Belarus is rich not only with its nature, but also with its history and ancient culture. Sites of ancient settlements, barrows, ancient towns, towers, castles, bell towers, ancient manors are evidence of it. Such towns as Polotsk, Novogrudok, Mir, Nesvizh are real pearls in the treasury of world's history and architecture. Mir Castle, Radzivills' residence in Nesvizh, Geodesic Arch Struve and Belovezhskaya Puscha are mentioned in UNESCO's list of Heritage of Humanity. Moreover, there is also a range of pretenders to including in this list - Kolozhskaya Church in Grodno, the monument of Grodno architecture of the 12th century, transboundary Belarusian-Polish object "Avgustovsky Channel: work of human and natural art", Rumyantsev-Paskevich court-park ensemble in Gomel - a unique palace from the point of view of cultural wealth, Saviour-Efrosinnya Church in Polotsk.

Belarusian people are by right considered to be very hospitable, sincere and talented. Our country is famous for its crafts masters. You will be surprised by marvelous beauty of the straw, paper and rod works. Weaving and embroidery of Belarusian craftsmen are by right acknowledged all over the world. And everyone must see our folk dance, traditional holidays and fests and hear folk songs. It is impossible to stay indifferent to Belarusian national cuisine, nourishing, one of the most varied on the continent. Slavonic, Baltic, Jewish and German traditions flow together here.


You can get a visa at the International Airport Minsk-2 upon arrival in Minsk, Belarus (only if you arrive by plane).

More information about Belarus you can find on the web-site: www.belarus.by/en/

Participation fee

Classes:Participation feeSPORTident rent
All daysSprint (for day)Long distance
Children (MW 12-18),
Seniors (women 55 years and over,
men 60 years and over)
2,5 euro1 euro1 euro0,25 euro
Adults (MW 21-55)5,5 euro2 euro2 euro1 euro
Students (full-time course)4 euro1,5 euro1,5 euro1 euro
VIP 25 euro

Contact information:

For applications:

For general enquiries, please contact at:

Ссылки по теме:

Универсальная форма для заявок: http://www.obelarus.net/buls/entryform.doc
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