Minsk Sprint Relay
18 сентября 2017
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Public Sports Organization
«Belarus Orienteering Federation»
Minsk City Orienteering Federation

Minsk Sprint Championships
BFO Cup in Sprint Orienteering Stage
Bulletin 1-2

Date & Area

Sep. 30 - Oct. 01, 2017, Minsk city.

Organizing Commitee

Minsk City Orienteering Federation of PSO “BFO”, “BNTU” SOC, “Turlan” SOC

Competition aims & objectives

Determination of the strongest athletes and teams, support of the development of children and youth orienteering in Minsk and Belarus, raising the level of skill of athletes and teams, development and popularization of orienteering as an active and accessible sport, organization of leisure for the population.

Competition Program


until 11:00 Participants registration (at the place of Prolonged Sprint start);

11:30 Opening Ceremony;

12:00 Prolonged Sprint, First start (BFO Cup in Sprint Orienteering Stage);

20:00 Night Sprint, First Start.


until 11:00 Participants registration (at the place of Mix Sprint Relay start);

12:00 Mixed Sprint Relay, First start;

before 15:00 Prize-giving ceremony for the competitions and BFO Cup in Sprint Orienteering. Closing Ceremony.


Athletes and teams of clubs, organizations, teams of physical culture, sports schools, as well as athletes who participate in person are welcome to participate.

For Mix Sprint Relay: number of teams from one club is not limited. Each team consists of 2 men and 2 women. The order of the relay stages: W-M-M-W. Teams that do not meet these requirements participate in the sprint relay race with no placing.

Age Groups

Prolonged Sprint, Night SprintMix Sprint RelayDescription
M14, W14MW142003 y.o.b. and younger
M18, W18MW181999 y.o.b. and younger
M21, W21MW21no age limit
M35, W35MW351982 y.o.b. and older
M50, W50MW501967 y.o.b. and older

Organizers have the right to add or merge groups in case of a little amount of participants. Organizers have the right to set the maximum number of participating teams in the Mix Sprint Relay.

The starting order in Prolonged Sprint for the groups M21, W21 will be formed according to the BFO Sprint Cup Rankings by the date of 30.09. Those participants who have more points will get later starting position.

Punching system

SPORTident punching system will be used throughout the competition. MW21 group will have SPORTident Air+.


Prolonged Sprint: “The Upper Town”

Competition Cetner: https://goo.gl/maps/ww8LTSJWN2H2

Night Sprint: “BNTU (Belarus National Technical University) Campus”

Competition Cetner: https://goo.gl/maps/N9mvDgFiJCu

Mix Sprint Relay: “Kuntsauschyna-Dambrouka”

Competition Cetner: https://goo.gl/maps/K5331TPBpcC2

All the maps are mapped in 2016-2017, scale 1:4000 (1:5000), map-makers: Artsiom Lohinau, Valery Marchuk, ISSOM 2007.


Preliminary course length, km:

GroupProlonged SprintNight SprintMix Sprint Relay

Safety Rules

Participants are obliged not to violate public order, observe the traffic rules, protect the environment, comply with fire safety rules and regulations.

Results & Prize Giving Ceremony

The results in the first day's individual competitions (Prolonged Sprint & Night Sprint) are calculated as sum of competitor’s time for two starts.

The results of the second day (Mix Sprint Relay) are summed up among the relay teams, with the exception of the teams with no placing, for the best time according to the rules of the orienteering competition.

Medals and diplomas are awarded 1-3 place winners. If the number of finishers or teams in the group is less than 5, then only the winner is awarded.


For Mix Sprint Relay both full teams and individuals who want to find a team may enter. In case of individual entry secretary will help you to find a team.

Preliminary entry is done through the following forms:

For any special entry request or entry changes, please, contact general secretary by e-mail hanna.rudakouskaya@gmail.com (Hanna Paulava).

Entry Fee & Funding

Participants are responsible for their transportation, catering by themselves. In order to entry, everyone must pay the starting fee (see table below).

Organizers are responsible for doctor’s salary, electronic punch system costs, maps costs, award ceremony and other costs.

Entry fee amount (in BYN):

ClassСрок1st Day
single event
1st Day
both events
2nd Day1st Day
single event
1st Day
both events
2nd Day
Own SI cardSI rent
МЖ21Until 17.09101510101510
Until 24.09111611111611
Until 26.09152015152015
МЖ35, МЖ50Until 17.098,5128,5101510
Until 24.099,5139,5111611
Until 26.0913,51713,5152015
МЖ14, МЖ18Until 17.0957,555,58,55,5
Until 24.0957,555,58,55,5
Until 26.097,5117,58128

All the fees collected as entry fee for Mix Sprint Relay will be donated for the purposes of Youth Development Commission of Belarus Orienteering Federation.

Entry fee may be paid in cash upon registration procedure of by bank transfer. If paying by bank transfer, please, find the payment details:

Name on account (Получатель): Минская городская федерация ориентирования ОСО "БФО"
Tax Payer ID (УНП): 102379077
Bank (Банк-получатель): ЦБУ № 507 ОАО "Белинвестбанк", BIC BLBBBY2X
IBAN (Расчетный счет): BY74BLBB30150102379077001001
Payment details (Назначение платежа): Целевой взнос на организацию соревнований (Minsk Sprint Champs Entry Fee)

This document appears to be an official call for participation! Welcome!

Ссылки по теме:

Универсальная форма для заявок: http://www.obelarus.net/buls/entryform.doc
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