May O-Days
23 March 2018
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Русская версия Бюллетеня 1

Belarus Orienteering Federation International Orienteering Federation Braslaw

XLVI Traditional Orienteering Competitions
May O-Days 2018
World Ranking Event
Bulletin 1

General intentions


Belarus Orienteering Federation, Department of Education, Sports and Tourism of Braslau district executive committee, BNTU Orienteering Club.

Organising committee

Event controllers

Dates and venue

April 28th – May 1st, 2018

Competition center location – Belarus, Braslaw district, “Okmenitsa” camping near Strusto village.

Coordinates: N55.7139, E27.0092 (Google Maps)


Saturday, April 28

12:00-14:00 Braslaw Championships (open start, see separate Event Bulletin)

16:00 Training area is open

20:00 Briefing meeting of the organizers with the participants

Sunday, April 29

13:00 First start. Middle distance (WRE)

14:00 End of training area access

16:00 WRE medal ceremony

20:00 Public courses analysis

Monday, April 30

11:00 First start

20:00 Public courses analysis

Tuesday, May 1

11:00 First start

14:00-15:00 Prize-giving ceremony


The event is held near the Mount Mayak. The area is used for orienteering competitions for the first time.

Mostly pine forest with good and medium runnability, moderately rugged and varied terrain, the height difference on the slope is up to 25 meters. Many swampy areas and lakes. A well-developed network of roads, paths and fire breaks.


Prepared in 2017-2018. Map authors: Sergey Vorobei, Konstantin Briginets. Scale 1:10000. Contour interval 2,5 meters.



Teams of clubs, groups, youth athletic centers, secondary schools, out-of-school centers as well as athletes who participate in competitions personally are invited. Amount of sportsman competing for one team is not limited.



Preliminary length of courses

ClassApril 29April 30May 1
W10, W10С2 км2 км2 км
W122 км2 км2,5 км
W142,5 км3 км3,5 км
W163 км3,5 км4 км
W184 км5 км5 км
W205,5 км (WRE)6 км7,5 км
W21Е5,5 км (WRE)8 км9 км
W21В4 км4,5 км5 км
W355,5 км7 км8 км
W405,5 км6 км6 км
W454,5 км5 км6 км
W504 км4,5 км5 км
W554 км4 км5 км
W603,5 км4 км4 км
W653,5 км3,5 км4 км
W702,5 км3,5 км3 км
W752,5 км3,5 км3 км
ClassApril 29April 30May 1
М10, М10С2 км2 км2 км
М122 км2 км2,5 км
М143 км3,5 км4 км
М164 км5 км5 км
М185,5 км7 км8 км
М206,2 км (WRE)8 км8 км
М21Е6,2 км (WRE)11 км10 км
М21В5 км6 км7,5 км
М356 км8 км9 км
М405,5 км7 км9 км
М455,5 км7 км8 км
М505 км6 км7,5 км
М555 км5 км7,5 км
М604,5 км5 км6 км
М654,5 км4 км6 км
М703,5 км4 км4 км
М752,5 км3,5 км3 км
ClassApril 29April 30May 1
OPEN12 км2 км2,5 км
OPEN23,5 км3,5 км4 км
OPEN35 км5 км5 км
OPEN46 км7 км9 км

Result and Awarding

Personal results of the May O-days 2018 are computed as a sum of times of all three competition days results.

3rd stage will be a chasing start for 1st and 2nd stages sum time. Participants who are loosing more than 20 min compared to leader time as well as those who didn’t start or was DSQ in one of the days will start +20 min to leader. Total sum of multiday competititon is calculated based on clear distance passing time.

Team results of the May O-days 2018 are computed based on 1st and 2nd days results. The points of 10 best sportsmen of any class except for MW10С and OPEN are counted to the team standings. The points are calculated according to the table:



The first three athletes are awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes according to the overall results of the personal results of the May O-days 2018.

According to the results of the world ranking start (WRE) the first three athletes among men and women are awarded with medals, diplomas and prizes.

In the team competition of the May O-days 2018 the winning team is awarded the perpetual cup, the first three teams are awarded with diplomas.

Punching system

SPORTident card punching system will be used.

Official training

Training area with established control points equipped with electronic punching will be available from 16:00 on April 28 till 14:00 on April 29 in the area near the competition center. The SI-cards reading is possible on April 29 from 10:00 till 11:00. The training maps are given on registration to all participants.

Training opportunities

The organizers are ready to provide training camp organizing in Belarus. Contact us for more info.


Normally the weather is warm and sunny enough in the beginning of May in Belarus, suitable for living in camping but there were years with the snowfall on these days. According to observations over the past 10 years on May 1 in Braslaw: the average daytime air temperature is +13.4°C, minimum +3.1°C (01.05.2017), maximum +19.2°C (01.05.2012).


Official event camping is organized in the competition center for accommodation purposes.

Hotels & more: Braslaw is a tourist region with a large number of accommodation possibility in hotels, hostels and guest houses. Check the availability here:


The organizers can provide transfer for participants from Minsk to Braslaw. Contact us for more info.


Citizens of Israel, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, Montenegro and some other countries visit Belarus without visas.

Citizens of 80 countries, including members of the European Union, visit Belarus within 5 days without visas subjected to entry and departure through the National Airport Minsk.

If you need an invitation to visit the event - contact the organizers.

For detailed information on the conditions of entry to Belarus, see the following website: http://www.belarus.by/ru/travel/travel-visas

Funding and entry fees

The organizers are responsible for the expenditures associated with the organization and conduction of the competitions. Teams and participants are responsible for the expenses associated with the participation in competitions (travel, accommodation, meals, entry fees).

Entry fees for 3 days:

ClassesWith own SI-cardWith rented SI-card
MW106.00 BYN6.00 BYN
MW12-18, M70-75, W65-7512.00 BYN13.50 BYN
MW20, M60-65, W55-6021.00 BYN24.00 BYN
MW21Е33.00 BYN36.00 BYN
MW21В, MW35-50, M5527.00 BYN30.00 BYN

In case of participation on separate days, the entry fee is divided proportionally.

Open-classesFor 1 competition day (all included)
Entry before April 205.00 BYN
Заявка на месте8.00 BYN

Belarusian ruble exchange rate: 1 EUR = 2.4 BYN.

Participation for free:


The entry fee is possible to pay at the registration or by bank transfer to the Belarus Orienteering Federation account:

Belarus Orienteering Federation
TIN: 100172873,
Address: 49, Nezavisimosti ave., 220005, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
IBAN: BY21 UNBS 3015 1204 1310 4000 1933
Bank details: Branch 1 CJSC "BSB Bank"
Bank address: 4, Svobody square, Minsk
Purpose of payment: Entry fee for competitions organization


Preliminary entries are accepted till April 20, 2018 (Friday).

Runners in MW21E, MW20 classes participating in the world ranking start must register with the IOF Eventor system: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5875


All information about the competition is published at http://www.obelarus.net/2018/mm

Social networks:

Official hashtag: #MayODays2018

This Bulletin is an official invitation to participate

#MayODays2018, #VisitOBelarus

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